About Us

About Us

We are a freshly primed Human Capacity Development Consulting firm, offering custom-ised, out of the box business solutions to resolve the business challenges of our clients made up of public and private sector organisations.

Hanan Consulting was founded upon a unique combination in knowledge of clinical sci-ence, transformative leadership and theology embodied in its Founding and Managing Partner, whose years of exposure in several fields of endeavours and  faculty membership of a leading training institution has been distilled into a firm focused on ‘always adding value’ to our client’s business needs through a portfolio of Consulting, Organisational Strategy Realignment, impactful and Life Transforming Training and Financial Advisory Services.

We were incorporated in March 2017 and have succeeded in registering and obtaining recognition with the requisite local and international organisations. We are currently lo-cated in Lagos and Abuja.


Our Vision

To be among the top consulting firms in Africa noted for value creation.

Our Mission

Solving our client’s business problems by providing customised value adding services through impactful life transforming trainings, strategic realignment of organisations and financial advisory Services.

Our core values

Hanan Consulting business culture and philosophy of ‘always adding value’ is founded up-on core values of excellence, integrity and value for our clients.


Our primary focus is to always add value to our client’s business and this is driven by our teams’ fervent commitment to excellence in our processes.  Excellence is not what we do but who we are! We go beyond the call of duty in our strive to create value for our clients.


Our pledge to always adding value to our client’s business is moderated by our commit-ment to always act and abide by the ethical regulations of our profession.

Value for our clients

In all we do, we always put our clients interest first above all other considerations.

Our Strength

Notwithstanding our ‘new entrant’ status, our young and vibrant company’s strength lies in our team of seasoned and talented professionals drawn from diverse disciplines to bring about the synergy that powers our productive capacity  for creating the needed values for our clients business through knowledge and skill imparting.