“The cost of complacency is often paid by organisations that remain committed to the status quo.

 In today’s business environment, organisations that fail to adapt quickly to the turbulent forces driving the system will be left behind and unable to create and sustain value for its shareholders and stakeholders. The antidote to a company being confined to the past remains a strategic alignment of the internal and external forces acting upon it.

 Irrespective of the age of your organisation, your awareness and connectedness to the current driving the system is critical to your survival and success and how well your Management is able to navigate these uncertainties will depend on how well your corporate strategy  addresses the challenges of political and regulatory shifts, competitors heat, customers satisfaction, organisational structure, social responsibility, globalisation, corporate communication, economic and market forces among others.  

At Hanan Consulting, our team of experts helps organisations seeking to articulate and execute their master plan by providing direction on the requisite courses of action needed to align with its objectives. Using rigorous strategic analysis (SOAR, PEST, SWOT among others), we will help identify your business critical Success Factors (CSF), align or realign your organisation’s corporate strategy to sync with your business strength and will also deploy solutions to address challenges posed by general and specific environmental forces.


Our training modules are tailored to meet the learning deficiency diagnosed in our clients organisation. Our training framework is designed to ensure that deficiencies in skills, knowledge and attitude of employees are addressed through  an organised and non disruptive approach to an organisations culture and structure.

Our customised training modules designed to enhance individual and group efficiency and effectiveness in Leadership and Managerial position are found in details our TRAINING BROCHURE.


We understand that in today’s highly dynamic and volatile business environment, organisations are constantly seeking sure ways of improving their business through performance enhancement business solutions.

 At Hanan Consulting, our team of seasoned experts provide diagnostic  at both modelling and execution levels to help our clients identify ailing points within their organisation as well as locate the best fit between their products, services and the operating environment in a sustainable way.  

And owing to the practical nature of our work, we lay strong emphasis on implementation to help your organisation achieve its desired results.


We provide an array of financial advisory services which:

Account preparation,

Report preparation,

Report analysis,

Financial intermediation,

financial system set-up,

Internal control services and more.